Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding – Book Review

Bridget Jones is back! Despite hearing the news pre-release of Mark Darcy’s death and that the new book was focused on Bridget as a single mum with a dishy toy-boy; I was still incredibly excited to read it. I finally purchased myself a copy yesterday and I devoured it in one sitting (just under ten hours to be precise – v.good) because it was just that brilliant.

Mad About the Boy’ starts with Bridget struggling to decide whether to take her new man, dishy toy-boy Roxster, to her friend Talitha’s Sixtieth Birthday Party (sixty is not middle aged) and frantically trying to succeed at the school run. Bridget may have grown older since we last saw her but she has not completely grown up.

The Bridget we knew fourteen years ago was a chain-smoking, binge-drinking, weight obsessed, sex-crazed female who fantasised over any man in trousers. With two kids now, Billy and Mable, she is slightly more responsible but chaos still follows her. Obviously there are still moments of engulfing herself in a cocoon of food and she admits to glugging out of the wine bottle for sustenance while dealing with a massive diarrhoea and vomit problem.

Bridget is a loving mother whose children are the centre of her world. The untimely death of her husband has left her significantly well-off which means that she can spend her days fretting over why her love interest has not texted her and trying to write an adapted script of Hedda Gabler. The loneliness which overshadows her in the immediate aftermath of Mark Darcy’s death quickly fades and she keeps telling herself to “Keep Buggering On”. When Bridget does finally decide to find a new man, she finds that the dating world has changed and is now online.

Bridget’s foray onto Twitter and her subsequent obsession with it is hilarious and her need to continuously count her followers at the beginning of each diary entry replaces the fag count. She makes the mistake of tweeting when drunk (we have all been there!) and finally lands herself a new man – Roxster.

The love-life of Bridget Jones is still as crazy as ever and wrought with worries over whether she has f***ed it up or not. Minus the character of Mark Darcy the ending is very “Mark Darcy in the snow-esque” which I loved.

Mad About the Boy’ is a captivating read and Helen Fielding is completely true to the character she created some twenty years ago. She has succeeded in slightly maturing her and making her into a good parent. The ups-and-downs of Bridget’s life had me both laughing and crying at many different points. The ending was brilliant and, avoiding any spoilers, we leave Bridget happy again and with a man, who is not an emotional f***-wit, again. Hurrah!


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