A Wee Catch-Up – February 2016

By the second week of January I had broken one of my main goals for the year – to blog more. I could use the excuse that I was down in London at the time and my attention was elsewhere, but seeing as I was only down there for ten days, and it is now the 13th February, I don’t think it quite adds up.

I thought that I would do a wee catch-up post, detailing what I have been up to since the beginning of the year and what Bucket List accomplishments I have achieved. Although I have been remiss in my blogging – I managed to tick quite a few other goals off of my list.
Firstly, on 12th January I went and saw Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre in London. This was something that I was so eager to do and so my first day in London was spent tracking down a good ticket. Normally, when it comes to seeing shows at the theatre I book weeks, or months, in advance; but because my excursion to London was rather last minute I couldn’t do this. I looked online through the Queen’s Theatre website at ticket availability and I saw that there were a couple of reasonably priced tickets in quite good seats for the evening that I wanted to go, but I am one for a good bargain so I sought out other, cheaper, means. If you have been to London you will have no doubt seen the number of discount theatre ticket stores – all proclaiming to offer the best price. I can tell you that the best place to go is to the Discount Ticket Stand in Leicester Square – here, I purchased a front-row, dress circle ticket that should have been £69.99 for £39.99!

Les MiserablesThe show itself was incredible; I had constant shivers down my spine because the performance given by each and every actor and actress was outstanding. I can now completely understand why the show is consistently sold out and raved about.

Whilst down South I also went on a day trip to Canterbury and did a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament. These were both things that were on my bucket list and I am so glad that I have managed to tick them off. Canterbury Cathedral is well worth a visit – it is an absolutely stunning building with such a rich history. Likewise, the Palace of Westminster is a must-see London attraction; and although the guided tour comes in at £25.99, I would definitely recommend it because you get to see extra parts of the building that are not included on the self-guided tour and, of course, you gain extra knowledge from the guides themselves.

Last year I was appointed the role of Holocaust Memorial Day Youth Champion Ambassador for Scotland, and through this role I am able to get young people engaged with learning the lessons of the Holocaust and becoming ambassadors to ensure that it is never forgotten. As you might be aware, 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day and during that week I went into my local high school and taught third year classes along the theme for the year which was ‘Don’t Stand By’. Although I have tutored in the past, I had never taught a whole class before, so I was quite daunted to say the least. However, the students were attentive and engaged, and the lessons went by without any glitches – another major achievement for me!

So far, this year is shaping up to be a good one. I have already accomplished a few things off of my Bucket List and one of my major goals for the year. How is your 2016 going? Have you managed to keep your resolutions?


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