A Wee Catch- Up: March 2016

February has always been my least favourite month of the year and this is primarily due to the weather. By the end of the month I am so ready for the cold and dark mornings/evenings to be over that I am jumping for joy when March, finally, comes around. Yet, despite the awful weather, February 2016 was not all that bad. I finally figured out what I want to do work wise (for the moment) and I read two superb books.

On 31st January I started reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and I finished all 1,432 pages of it on 27th February. I have seen both the stage and film adaptations and so I already knew, broadly, what was going to happen, but of course, there were lots of fine details and scenarios that were missed out and were definitely part of the book’s charm. I don’t want to go into too much detail about Les Mis here because I intend to do a separate book review in another post, but I will say that I absolutely bloody loved it and it is now on my favourites list.

Last month I also read Room by Emma Donoghue for The Times Book Club and, oh my goodness, I am still reeling from it. Room is told through the voice of five year old Jack whose entire world changes when his Ma decides to tell him that the things he sees on TV are actually real and that there is a whole other world outside of Room. The story was inspired by the Josef Fritzel case; Ma was kidnapped aged nineteen and for seven years was subjugated to abuse. The only thing that kept her going was Jack but one day she decided that enough was enough and she hatched a plan to escape – one where Jack would be the hero. This book was so intense and full of emotion that I had to read it in one sitting and then, once I was done, I was left absolutely bereft and raw. It has been two days since I finished reading it and I do not think I will be over it for a long time – if you haven’t done so already, you should definitely add it to your reading list!

As you know if you have read my previous posts, at the start of the year I quit my retail job and I started trying to figure out exactly what it is that I want to do in life (such big questions are normally asked after consuming several gins). Last month I made some headway and I can now officially declare that I am a tutor. Basically, I have started my own wee tutoring business and I now also work for Bibo International Global Opportunity where I teach English to Japanese students online. I am so thankful to have found a job and (finally!) something that I absolutely know that I love doing.

Also this month (this is where I channel my inner beauty-blogger) I have fallen in love with the nail polish featured above. It is the shade “Princesses Rule” by Opi and it was given to me by my lovely friend Erin for Valentine’s Day. I am obsessed with this colour: it definitely helped to brighten up the horrible February days.

So, overall, despite the fact that it was terribly cold and dark in February I can’t really complain. I am back working in a job that I love and I managed to accomplish another one of my 2016 goals. How was your February and what are your plans for March?


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