A Wee Catch-Up: April

I apologise for the lateness of this post; I could give you a million and one excuses but I don’t think any of them would wash. The fact of the matter is this: I am an inherently lazy person and if I can kind find any excuse to not do something I will welcome it with open arms and a grateful smile.

Honestly, I never used to be this lazy, my seventeen year old self would be seriously upset that I have gone this way because she was the person that would willingly get up at 5:30 in the morning to get some extra reading or studying done and would diligently follow a study, exercise, social and dietary routine. I’m very sorry seventeen year old me, but university destroyed all our diligence.

My seventeen year old self has been on my mind a lot this past month because instead of actually embracing turning twenty three and my foray into the first real year of my adulthood, I decided to get ridiculously inebriated on gin and listen to Adele’s When We Were Young on repeat, whilst trawling through Facebook and Twitter, and compare myself to people that I barely know or recognise anymore (including myself). What an absolutely stupid idea.

Whilst recovering from a horrendous hangover, lying on the sofa clutching the cat for dear life, watching Disney movies back to back I had an epiphany.  Now, this epiphany may not be as revolutionary to some, more advanced people than I but, let me tell you, it was definitely up there in my ‘Life Changing Moments’, joining such beauties as ‘Probably Not a Good Idea to Get Absolutely Plastered on a First Date’. I realised that I should not waste my time thinking about people that probably don’t waste any of their time thinking about me. I instantly felt a lot better after that realisation (but then again, it could have been the Irn Bru and pizza).

March was not entirely depressing and nostalgic however, I also did some pretty cool things like attend the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s Youth Champions Day and get the opportunity to chat with survivors over afternoon tea. I started my TEFL course and found out that I actually love teaching through my new job (I’VE FINALLY FOUND A JOB THAT I LOVE). I wrote a blog post about The Archers (one of my true loves) that had a response that I could not have imagined and led to my five minutes of fame on the internet – and trollers. Bloody brilliant.

HMD Youth Champions Day
With Ben Helfgott MBE

So, here I am, now twenty three years old and bereft of any unnecessary baggage – I literally cried and sweated it out. Thinking over what else has happened last month, nothing was as revolutionary as that. George Orwell eat your heart out.

March Favourites:

  • Private Peaceful by Michael Murpurgo
  • When We Were Young by Adele
  • Diam chocolate bars

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